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Green cleaning
Green Cleaning

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residential cleaning
Residential Cleaning

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There’s nothing like coming home to clean house and knowing that everything has been taken care of by a team of professionals! We’ll take care of as much, or as little as you want, leaving you time to enjoy your home – instead of having to think about cleaning it.

Having a maid service clean your house on a regular basis or complete a one-time deep cleaning is a wonderful way to take care of your home without spending hours on your knees with cleaning supplies. You do not need to worry about always having stock of the correct products and equipment, etc. The cleaners have everything they need. They have the correct product for each task!

Our main goal is to assure you, the customer, are satisfied with our service. We strive to build a long term relationship with all of our customers and hope they will feel free to call us with all of their cleaning needs.

Additionally, we can set up a special offer that will extend the benefits of your booking by adding our house cleaning solutions. Maintaining the balance between interior - exterior is crucial when it comes to creating a safe and family-friendly environment.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs with one of our friendly staff members, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Pick and choose from all of our normal residential cleaning services, or let us know if you need anything you don’t see on our list.

First time cleaning

When starting a new residential cleaning account we are often asked why we charge more for the "first time" cleaning. A first time cleaning of a new residential cleaning account is more like a "spring-cleaning" and needs extra staff time to remove extra soil and build-up. Our staff may spend anywhere from 4 to 8 times longer to clean a first-time residential account than one of our existing client's homes.


Let's work together to keep your family healthy.